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Juggling a career, a family, and life, in general, is tough.

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Your health and wellbeing is usually the first thing to be removed or neglected from a busy schedule.

I see so many busy women who put themselves last on their list of priorities, and stress is wreaking havoc on every aspect of their life, especially their health!
Now, I am here to show you the steps you can take to put yourself first to reduce stress, hit health goals, get your life together and start smiling more today!

“Practicing self-care is a win-win! It allows you to be a better parent, partner, child, friend, professional, and colleague. As we learn better self-care, we become better people in general. Being in touch with your own needs and feelings allows you to show deeper empathy and love toward others. By filling your own emotional and physical buckets, you are providing yourself with the necessary resources to also give to your family, friends, and the greater world in general. “


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Discover simple and easy-to-implement solutions to dramatically REDUCE STRESS, IMPROVE YOUR MOOD, and BALANCE YOUR BODY AND SPIRIT in just minutes per day

Your HAPPY, VIBRANT LIFE is waiting for you. Learn to Put Yourself First To Hit Health Goals, Reduce Stress, Get Organized And Start Smiling More Today!

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Put Yourself First! Make over your mindset, lose unwanted weight, change your thought patterns, and invite more happiness into your life.

Overworking, overdrinking, overeating, overweight...that was my life. I was working hard to get ahead and neglected my self-care, until stress caught up with me, big time!

Now, I'm sharing the exact process I went through to go from knackered, overwhelmed & stressed-out to refueled, cared for, and ready to face all of life’s challenges (without turning to self-sabotaging behaviors!).

I know how hard it is to find a work-life balance...

hi there, I'm Tasha

I'm a certified Nutrition, Digestive Health,
Life and Mental Wellness Coach




Here's how easy it is to create a productive & chillaxed life!

Choose which of our programs best suits you. Maybe you'd like to do a self-care reset, or clean up your diet, or (hint!) do both & join the Revive You Formula

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Finally have a handle on your work-life balance so you can be healthier, happier + more successful than ever.




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I never knew I could feel this good! I've always been a worrying, nervous Nelly, and I realized after this program that I needed to get my head in gear. I needed a whole new mindset to ditch the worry for good. It worked! I feel better than I ever have! I followed everything you suggested, I lost weight, increased my energy, and I feel amazing – inside and out! 

crystal b.

"Before I started, I was a total MESS, stressed, overwhelmed, and my body was suffering for it. Now, I feel ALIVE, HAPPY, and full of JOY! I can’t thank you enough! I even lost 5 kilos too!!”


OMG! This program has been a life-changer for me! I used to struggle with digestive issues and insomnia because I could never turn off the worry -until this program!!! I signed up for a mindset makeover and I got a body makeover as a bonus! Thank you!

Patricia L.

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Create morning and night routines that reduce stress, make your daily life easier, AND move you forward toward your goals.

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