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Nice to Meet You

I started to worry that this was it, my life, for good - dull, stressful and constantly putting out fires.

I’ve been where you are now - unable to see any positive in myself, constantly critical of my looks, my weight, my achievements and even my own attitude. I just couldn’t get out of the rut and give myself the care I needed.

I started to worry that this was it, my life, for good - dull, stressful and constantly putting out fires.

Over the space of 5 years or so, 18 people I loved died. My husband and I closed a once successful business that had had it's day. We had financial woes, at one stage were in debt beyond way our means, living in a town we no longer wanted to live, but trapped by our finances. We had to move house (count 'em) seven times....THE STRESS? Oh. My......I was literally crawling out of my own skin....I was a HOT MESS, barely holding it together.

I look happy, yes?  For the longest time I dreaded people asking me how I was....I would give the obligatory answer "Good, Thanks". I acted as if I was confident and happy, but inside? I knew it was all a lie and I hated the facade....I wanted to be able to say "I'm great!" and mean it.

It’s time to get honest with ourselves. The world we live in is just crazy, hectic and overwhelming, causing us mental, emotional and physical stress, and creating a toxic culture in which we don’t care for ourselves enough. When was the last time you looked yourself in the mirror and said, I’m happy, I love myself, I am satisfied with my life?

Which brings me to what I do...

After years of unmanaged chronic stress, I was diagnosed with major depression and anxiety,..duh...no bloody wonder! The thing is, if I'd known more about myself and how to manage my stress better, I may never of needed medication, but I know for sure I wouldn't have suffered so much - but it did lead me to look into why this happened to me and stop it happening again.

When I discovered the power of resetting your mindset, self-care, and embracing the full potential of what life has to offer, I started noticing real differences in my mental, emotional and physical reactions to the challenges life threw at me. The negativity was draining away, and positivity was taking its place. I felt like a 40-pound sack of worries had been lifted off my shoulders.

If you’re like me and millions of others, you too are bombarded by stress. It is part of daily life, so much so, that we can feel guilty when we take time out to relax. Self-care and downtime can feel selfish, but it is perhaps the most health supportive thing you can do.

If I'd of known then what I know now? I could have saved myself a lot of tears, a lot of pain, a lot of hard times, so much misery. I could have managed life, better. I want to save you from walking the path I did. 

I want to help other women learn about themselves and manage their stress so they too can honestly answer "I'm really good!" when people ask them how they are, and proudly mean it! Sounds good, doesn't it? It's better than good, it's amazing!

love Tash xo

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